Music Production Team


A member since 2011, Hurso has seen it all. A skilled bass player, Hurso has played in several bands, such as indie acts Ludov, 3 Cruzeiros and Thiago Pethit, and loves to discover new acts and music to introduce to the rest of the team.


A skilled drummer, guitarist and singer, Thiago has played for several years in the Beatles tribute act Zoom Beatles, and has even travelled to Liverpool to perform at the Cavern Club. Thiago also regards football as one of his biggest passions in life.


Mike has lived in the UK, where he studied music production. Shortly after returning in 2014, he joined the team and has been with us ever since. A lover of technology and everything synth related, Mike also has a degree in Journalism and loves to write.


Charly is an Englishman who moved to São Paulo in 2013. An accomplished musician, Charly has several albums under his name and has played in established acts such as Supergrass. He is the newest producer in our team, having joined Satelite in 2019.

Post Production Team


Carla has joined Satelite in 2019, but don’t get fooled, at only 23 she already has a degree in music production and is an accomplished professional. She loves Brazilian music and is also known for having the most stylish hair cuts in the studio!


Ian joined the team in 2018 as a studio assistant and has since then worked his way up to a junior post production position. He enjoys DJing in his spare time and also produces his own beats and tracks for performing live at clubs.


Renan is the most recent member of our team, having joined Satélite in 2019 as a studio assistant and apprentice. He has studied music production and is a very fast learner. Amongst his passions are the Brazilian squad Corinthians and Samba.

Finance and HR Department


Rita has an expertise in finances and has been working professionally in the field since 2006. She really enjoys travelling to the beach - yes, we don’t have beaches in São Paulo, but we are only 60km away from some nice ones. She also loves reading.